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Promote your image with mousepads

Promoting Your Image is a critical step in growing your business. Too often businesses, especially newer ones, will fail to make themselves recognizable in a crowded marketplace. The goal of Promoting Your Image is to help people instantly recognize your company logo, name, product, or services. For example, what comes to mind when you hear “What Can Brown Do For You?” Most people think of UPS. Another great example is Google, is the most visited web page on the planet for searches. While these  companies are much larger, the advertising concepts they employ can be used by any sized business.

One of the ways to accomplish this is by branding your logo. By branding we mean, utilizing your logo consistently across all advertising channels. Good examples would be Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonalds. Examples of how this can be achieved are:

  • Employee ID Apparel- Be it screened or embroidered, you and your employees are walking billboards Promoting Your Image wherever they are seen.
  • Mousepads – You are always at their fingertips. All your contact information, your logo and your message should be included.
  • Post Cards – With a logo’d magnetic calender attached, your client or potential client can put this on a wall cabinet where your company name is constantly visible.

These are just a few ways, that when your current or potential client needs your product or services, your company name and message are right there in front of them.

Coming in December, we will be publishing a free white paper called “Branding & Promoting your Image”, where we’ll cover more topics like using your logo effectively.


Promote Your Image! Contact us, we can help.

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