Wondering what type of artwork to send us? Just follow these simple steps to avoid unnecessary extra art charges and fee’s!

What kind of file format is best for my artwork?
AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, TIFF, or Corel vector files are preferred. This allows us to resize the artwork as needed.

What resolution do my files need to be?
Higher resolution is always best! Files for printing/screening/embroidery should be 300dpi.

How should I submit artwork for screen printing?
For single color prints, please submit your artwork in all black, regardless of the actual color. If you have 2 or more colors, please send in a layered file, such as a PSD or ai with each color in its layer of all-black.
If you cannot submit your file(s) with layers, send us a full color image, in the highest resolution possible.

Why does my screen printing artwork need to be in full black?
Our screen printing system requires full black to prepare our screens.

Either one will work, however if you are ordering business cards, banners, and/or non-clothing merchandise, please submit your artwork in CMYK.

Do you offer PANTONE® color matching?
Only for select non-garment printing projects. Please contact us for details/more information.

What about my fonts?
Fonts need to be either embedded into the document, or broken into curves in case we need to resize your artwork. If you are unable to do so, please send us the name of the font(s) if possible.


Do I need a PayPal account to purchase product?
No. PayPal handles payment, however an account is not necessary. Check by mail is also an acceptable form of payment. (Payment by check may delay product delivery however)


What are stitch counts?
Stitch counts as the name suggests is the number of times the machine must stitch the fabric/hat/bag/etc. This is an indicator of both the time it actually takes the machine to do the design, but also the amount of time required to prepare the artwork.


Who do you ship through?
Shipping is via United States Post Office.

Do you offer international shipping?
Unfortunately at this time we do not offer international shipping.

Can I get tracking information on my order?
Tracking information is available by request.


I want a product/service I don’t see/can’t find on your website. Do you offer it?
We offer many products/services we don’t have listed on our website at this time. Please call or e-mail us to find out if the product or service you are looking for is available.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Some product delivery times will vary depending on size of the order, and other factors. However, in most cases orders will be processed and delivered within the time frame listed on the order.
For information on the status of your order, contact us.